Aviation Security Training – Initial/Recurrent

Everyone who works in aviation has the responsibility to remain alert to the forever changing threat to aviation and uphold strict security measures to safeguard all airport workers, aircrew and passengers. Our aviation security course delivered by our UK CAA approved aviation security instructor will give you up to date information on all security requirements that aircrew should follow. 

This course follows the new CAA National Aviation Security Framework which Livingstone Skies is a CAA registered training provider (number 183) In order to attend this training attendees must have gone through security and background checks in accordance with EU Regulation 185/2010 article 11.1.5
Initial Aviation Security Awareness Training Syllabus:
  • Module 1: The Threat to Aviation
  • Unit aim: to know the importance of the threat to aviation 
  • Module 2: International and National Objectives of Aviation Security and Legislation
  • Unit aim: to know how international agreements fit with national and local organisation of aviation security 
  • Module 3: General Security Awareness
  • Unit aim: to recognise their personal responsibility in contributing to aviation security
  • Module 4: Searching and Checking of Aircraft
  • Unit aim: to be able to perform an aircraft security search/check 
  • Module 5: Protecting the Aircraft
  • Unit aim: to protect aircraft from unauthorised access
  • Module 6: Prohibited Articles
  • Unit aim: to know their responsibility in relation to prohibited articles
  • Module 7: Onboard Security
  • Unit aim: to manage security onboard 
In compliance with:
    • EC No300/2008
    • EC2015/1998
    • EC2015/1998 
    • EC2015/1998
    • AMC1 ORO.GEN 110 (a)*

*with exception of AMC1.ORO.GEN.110(a)(d)
Note: The operator will need to complete practical aircraft type specific training for Module 4 Searching and Checking of aircraft, to satisfy DfT requirements

Aviation Security