Aviation Survival & Wet Drills

Our Aviation Survival and Wet Drills course ensures aircrew and cabin crew are prepared for a ditching scenario as well as other climatic conditions, including water, Desert, Jungle and Polar conditions. This course covers both practical and theoretical knowledge so trainees can familiarise themselves with lifejackets, life rafts and other flotation equipment as well as the contents of the survival kit. This course is compliant with EASA and CAA requirements.

Basic Aviation Survival Training Syllabus
  • Principles of survival in a hostile environment
  • Protection from the elements including fire craft 
  • Location including ground to air Signals
  • Search and rescue
  • Water and food 
  • Will to survive
  • Desert survival
  • Jungle survival
  • Polar survival
  • Water/sea survival
  • Donning and use of flotation equipment in the water 
  • Entering the water with and without flotation devices 
  • Practical use of a generic life raft 
  • Righting the life raft 
  • Boarding the life raft 
  • Repairing the life raft 
  • Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) 
  • Contents of the survival kit 
In compliance with:
Aircraft Survival Training