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Standard Operating Procedures/Safety Emergency Procedures (SOP/SEP)

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Standard Operating Procedures/Safety Emergency Procedures (SOP/SEP)

Cost: £180 per person

Booking deposit £20 per person 

Course Duration:  4 hours 

Course Timing: 0900-1300           

Our Initial and Recurrent SOP/SEP course serves as an excellent refresh and ensures flight crew and cabin crew acquire in-depth knowledge of both Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Safety Emergency Procedures (SEPs). This course includes handling and donning of all safety equipment representative of your aircraft, as well as evacuation procedures and fully meets the requirement under ORO.CC.140 and ORO.FC.230.     

This EASA complaint course can be tailored to your operation for both NCC and CAT operations and can be delivered in house or at our training centre at London Oxford Airport.

SOP/SEP Syllabus:
  • Actions assigned to Cabin Crew Members for normal and emergency procedures
  • Location and handling of all safety equipment and emergency equipment
  • Oxygen systems
  • Donning of life jackets and PBE*
  • Handling of portable oxygen
  • Stowage of articles in the cabin
  •  Procedures related to surface contamination
Emergency Procedures Including:
  • Pilot incapacitation
  • Motivation of passengers and crowd control in emergency evacuations
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Incident and accident review
Location, Removal u0026amp; Use of Safety Emergency Equipment Relevant to A/C Type:
  • Lifejackets donning & practical handling of infant lifejackets and flotation cots if applicable
  • Fire extinguishers & PBE handling relevant to aircraft type
  • Slide raft/life raft, survival pack including content
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Other portable safety equipment
Other Topics Include:
  • Turbulence Procedures
  • Effective communication between Flight and Cabin Crew
  • Pre-flight briefing
  • Competence and fitness to fly
  • Authority and responsibility for evacuation and other emergency procedures
  • Abled Bodied Passengers (ABPs) and Special Category Passengers (SCPs)
  • Sterile flight deck Pre-flight checks
  • Carriage of live animals Re-fuelling with passengers on-board
  • Normal and emergency passenger briefing and safety demonstration
  • Cabin, galley and toilet secure checks
  • Silent review
  • Decompression including hypoxia and time of useful consciousness
  • Emergency cabin preparation
  • Land and water evacuation
  •  Rejected take-off/go around
  •  In-flight fire drill

*PBEs include: Air Liquide, Avox-Scott, B/E Aerospace, Essex, Oycrew

In compliance with:
  • ORO.CC.140 and ORO.FC.230